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General Dentistry
•Cosmetic Dentistry

Family Denistry


•Teeth Cleanings

•Teeth-colored Fillings!

Laser Dentistry

•Root Canals

•GALILEOS* and Digital X-rays

CEREC - Ceramic Reconstruction

*GALILEOS:  The GALILIOS 3D imaging with new Cone Beam technology goes beyond traditional diagnostics and treatment capabilities by calculating a large volume 3D image set, more than 200 exposures, in a single low-dose 3D scan of 15 seconds or less.  This 3D image set is processed and presented in the new GALILEOS software, an advanced extension of Sirona’s renowned SIDEXIS XG imaging software.  The imaging unit and its software work in complete harmony to provide new options for preoperative planning. 

Restorative Dentistry
•Dental Implants

 •Full Restorations

•Full Dentures

•Partial Dentures

Cosmetic Dentistry
•Dental Bridges

•Dental Crowns

•Ceramic Veneers

•Porcelain Veneers

•Dental Whitening